Sep 2013

Kathrine Springborg took part in the semifinal on Zealand with our 4-year old Springborgs Guyana and 6-year old Springborgs Actionman. The bronze medal mare, Springborgs Guyana (picture under), finished with impressive results. She had the following characters: Walk 8.7; Trot 8.5, Canter 8.5; Rideability 8.8 and 8.6 for Capacity. This led to a total result of 8.62, and she is thus in the top 10 nationally - and of course qualified for the finals in Odense.
Springborgs Actionman (picture right) delivered four clear flying changes and got fx a 8 for his walk. This led to a total result of 7.66, and he has also qualified for the finals at the JBK event in Odense in mid-October. We are very proud of the breeding work behind this succes, and we are looking forward to the final.


Springborgs Guyana and Kathrine Springborg



Sep 2013

In the days after Danish Warmblood Elite Mare and Foal Show, we still do not quite understand what it is that has happened. We participated with two horses this year. The colt - Springborgs Gateway - turned out really well loose in the riding arena. A performance as the judges were also pleased with when they chose to take him to the finals. In the final, he was the youngest foal, but it turned out not to have any influence on the result. He was in fact quite unexpectedly awarded the title Best Dressage Colt of the year 2013!
Later that day, he was at the auction. It was a very tired version of Gateway. We chose to buy him home. Subsequently, there has been much interest in the foal, and we have decided to sell him to a collaboration between the very professional rider Michael Søgaard and talented dressage rider Michael Nielsen. We are very pleased that so competent riders has purchased Gateway, and we are looking forward to following him in the future.
Again this year was the highlight of Elite Show the group of 3 year old mares. We participated with Springborgs Acaia, which is sold to Susanne Frederiksen. Acaia has made a super ridingtest with a result of 861.5 points, which is the 4th highest in 2013 in Denmark. The mare is ridden by Andreas Emil Larsen from Frederiksværk Equestrian center, which again showed the mare in a really nice shape. Acaia was selected for the final and was among the three dressage mares, who received the gold medal. We are sincerely proud to have bred such a mare. Acaia got a really nice description including three 9s and two 10s and assigned a great breeder gold medal. Congratulations to the mare's owner, Susanne. We are looking forward to following the mare in the future on the dressage arenas and hopefully also for breeding.








Aug 2013

The 6. - 8. of August we are heading to the Danish Warmblood Elite Mare and Foal Show at Vilhelmsborg. We have once again been lucky

 getting selected a colt foal and a 3-year-old mare.

The colt is Springborgs Gateway by Fürst Romancier - Diamond Hit. He is a full brother to the bronze medal mare Springborgs Guyana. Gateway was the second best colt in North Zealand in August. He is also selected for the Elite Foal auction, which takes place on the 7 September at Vilhelmsborg.
The 3-year-old mare is Springborgs Acaia. She has earlier this year passed a riding test with the result of 861.5 points and is thus one of the upcoming medal mares. She will be ridden by Andreas Emil Larsen, and the mare is owned by Susanne Frederiksen.

                    The auction foal Springborgs Gateway



Jul 2013

We had this year the objective to qualify two of our homebred horses for the semifinal of the Danish Young Horse Championship. It has succeeded in the first attempt, and that we are proud of!


The two horses that have been selected for the semifinal are the 6-year-old Springborgs Actionman by Florencio - Rubin Royal. He gathered 8.06 in total. Also 4-year-old Springborgs Guyana (picture to the right) is selected. She is by Fürst Romancier - Diamond Hit and got an overall score of 8.00.









                                                                                                                Bronze medal mare Springborgs Guyana



May 2013

Springborgs Acaia is as foal sold  to Susanne Frederiksen, but is still housed at the stud. This spring, we prepared Acaia to a 30 days test on Frederiksværk Equestrian Center, and in May Acaia was finished. Beautiful prepared Acaia ended up with a result of 861.5 points. She became the winner of the grading day, and she is selected for the Elite Mareshow 2013 in Danish Warmblood. We are very pleased with the result and hope for an equally great result to the Elite Mareshow in September.




Apr 2013

We are very proud of all our horses, which have been sold and are located around the whole world. Below we have tried to summarize the horses, we have sold to exciting riders and larger dressage stables the last few years.


Springborgs Ackeleje RDH by Florencio, *08. Sold to Kristina L. Mathiesen, who competes at L level right now.


Springborgs Dunkelball by Fürstenball, *11. Sold to Lone Bang Dressage.


Springborgs Acaia by Fürst Romancier, *10. Sold to Susanne Frederiksen. Acaia finished her riding test with a result of 861,5 points.

Springborgs Amaryllis by Fürst Romancier, *11. Sold to Straight Horse Stud. Amaryllis will be participate in the 2-years old class in Danish Warmblood 2013.


Springborgs Ayers Rock by Florencio, *06. Sold to Stine Juul Lyngsø. Ayers Rock and Stine compeetes competes at L level.


Springborgs Gipsy Rose by Rosentanz, *08. Sold to family Biune. 


Springborgs Geronimo by Bretton Woods, *12. Sold to Priess Horses Stud. 

Springborgs Go Online by Blue Hors Hotline, *11. Sold to Blue Hors.



Feb 2013

The first stallion shows are already running in Germany. We have looked at some of the stallions which we have used, and we think it looks really promising! Springborgs Givenchy is in foal to Fürst Romancier, which is trained very hard by Matthias Rath in the Netherlands. The same applies to Bretton Woods, as we already expect a foal by in the end of March. It is Givenchy's daughter, the bronze medal mare Springborgs Guyana, which foal is made ​​by embryo transfer. Below are the two stallion at Schockemöhles stallion presentation in Vechta 2013.


Fürst Romancier



Bretton Woods



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