The farm has a main stable, where the breeding mares, the riding and training horses are stabled. The other boxes are rented out to boarders.

In 2001 we built a new cattle yard where there is room for approx. 20 young horses. There are both groups with stallions and mares. Furthermore we also built a indoor arena 20 x 40m.

The horses are fed 2 times a day with a whole food. Furthermore we give the horses silage of a exellence quality, which is homemade. There is always a mineral stone for the young horses, which they can use as needed. The horses are inside at night and will be closed in to the paddocks during the day. We ensure that there is regularly taken dungtests and followed up on the results of these. We will also ensure that the horses regularly being seen to by a farrier.

In 2008 we established a 20x60 outdoor riding arena and a round area for longe work.
Please call for more information or come by and see the facillities. Please call in advance and make an appointment by phone +45 48210180 or mobile +45 40625180   


A view into the indoor arena 20x40 m. 

A view in to the cattle yard, where the young horses stabled in big, light and nice boxes.

The young horses have free access to wrap silage, which is homemade.

The outdoor arena 20x60 m.

Round area for longe work.

A view at the exit fra the cattle yard.


A view into the cattle yard.



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